vi⋅va⋅cious  [vi-vey-shuhs, vahy-] –adjective lively; animated; gay; Sprightly in temper or conduct; merry vexed  [vekst] –adjective 1. irritated; annoyed: vexed at the slow salesclerks. 2. much discussed or disputed: a vexed question. 3. tossed about, as waves. vix⋅en  [vik-suhn] –noun 1. a female fox. 2. an ill-tempered or quarrelsome woman.

Gratefulness Challenge

I was challenged to post 3 things I am thankful for, for the next 5 days and challenge 3 people to do the same. To avoid long statuses and annoying some of my peeps on FB, I’m doing this one on Tumblr and then I’ll tag on FB.

Let us begin:

1. My parents. They aren’t perfect, but my goodness have they been good role models for me. Hardworking, kind, loving, stubborn, authoritative, spoiling. I hope to one day live up to their example as a parent (if that ever happens)

2. Education/good educators. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to pursue an education and with so many amazing people along the way to where I am as a professional today. From my fourth grade teacher, Ms. Iglesias (who had me tested for gifted); to my too cool for school science teacher, Mr. Cortez in middle school; to my amazing literature teacher Ms. Riser, Social Studies rockstar, Mr. Sheffield (RIP), and very patient philosophy teacher, the white Mrs. Black; to incredible graduate school training with Drs. Arango, Gomez, Richardson, Gewirtz, Cigales and the like.

3. The ability to travel. I’ve been to few places compared to some, but nothing can replace the memories of crawling inside one of the ancient pyramids in Egypt, or floating on the Dead Sea in Jordan, or riding camels in the middle east, or watching the sun set over the Mediterranean sea in Turkey, or sitting on the edge of Abyss Point in the Grand Canyon, going to the top of the Empire State Building in New York, or climbing up to a water fall in Yosemite National Park. Some memories are priceless.

***Please excuse typos. Doing this in a rush because I don’t want another day to pass without me starting this***